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Svanbjørg retires after 47 years in philately

On Friday, September 15th, a reception was held at Posta headquarters to mark the retirement of Svanbjørg Manai after an impressive 47-year career that included the creation of 1000 Faroese stamps.

The event was attended by colleagues, family members, friends, stamp collectors, and others, all gathering to wish Svanbjørg a happy retirement. 

Faroese stamps have played a significant role in sharing the story of the Faroe Islands with the world. Svanbjørg Manai has been a part of this journey since its inception in 1976 when the Faroese Postal Service and the Philatelic Department were established. Over the years, she has become a well-known figure representing Posta Stamps and Faroese culture abroad, earning recognition as a respected figure in the world of stamp collectors. 

Throughout her career, Svanbjørg has made connections worldwide through her participation in stamp exhibitions and conferences. This summer, Posta could celebrate the issue of stamp no. 1,000, each of these stamps are bearing Svanbjørg's unique contribution. Svanbjørg takes pride in this milestone, both personally and professionally.

Each stamp serves as a window into Faroese culture, as per the guidelines set by Svanbjørg and others. Each stamp aims to tell a story and offer a glimpse into the Faroe Islands' culture, history, life, and manners. 

An engraving of Svanbjørg's portrait, created by renowned engraver Martin Mörck, was presented to her during the reception. This engraving has been reproduced in a limited edition mini-sheet, symbolizing our appreciation for her contributions.


Dear Svanbjørg,

We express our sincere thanks for your dedication and for sharing your knowledge and passion for stamps. As you aptly put it, "The stamps have been close to my heart from day one. This is where I started, and this is where I conclude." 

Your legacy in philately and your impact on Faroese culture are significant, and we wish you a retirement filled with happiness and adventure, along with the same passion that has guided your remarkable journey.



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