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Until 1976, the postal service in the Faroe Islands was managed by the Danish Government, as part of the Danish Postal Service. The Faroe Islands government officially took over the postal affairs of the islands on 1st April 1976 and named the new Faroese postal service "Postverk Føroya” with a white Ram’s horn on a blue background as the logo. To celebrate this, the Faroe Islands postal service issued a set of three commemorative stamps the same day.



The Faroe Islands postal service was restructured as a limited liability company on 1st January 2005. The name was changed to the "P/F Postverk Føroya” (i.e. Faroe Islands Postal Service Limited). The Faroe Islands Government is the sole shareholder of the company.

The name was changed again in September 2009, this time to "Posta Faroe Islands" or just “Posta”. At the same time a new logo was introduced. The new Posta logo is composed by two staggered arrows that are pointing in opposite directions, a symbol of "Receive" and "Send". The arrows have a sea blue color, a symbol of the ocean.

The Headquarter of Posta Faroe Islands is in the capital, Tórshavn. The Tórshavn Post Office is also the main postal hub of the islands. All letters are first transported here for sorting, then transferred to the post offices around the islands. And finally delivered by the local postman to the addressee.

Posta Stamps is an important department of Posta Faroe Islands. Responsible for stamp design, distribution, sales and customer service. Typically, the Faroe Islands stamp is designed by local designers and then printed abroad. Several printing companies have printed Faroese stamps e.g. LM Group in Canada, OeSD in Austria, Cartor in France, Enschedé in the Netherlands, Southern Colour Print in New Zealand. etc. In 2012, Faroese stamps have for the first time been printed in China. The stamp sheet "Regin the Blacksmith" was printed by Beijing Stamp Printing Company and issued on 24th September 2012.

The first stamps of the Faroe Islands were issued on 30th January 1975. The scenery of the Faroe Islands was the theme of this first issue. Posta Stamps has designed and issued a number of beautiful stamps, that have become a welcomed addition to the Faroese export. Stamps were once the second largest export income of the Faroe Islands. Today Posta Stamps has thousands of subscribers around the entire world. About 40% come from Denmark, followed by Germany, Sweden, Norway, France and other countries and regions. Posta Stamps currently issues stamps in February, April, September and November. Posta Stamps publishes the quarterly philatelic journal “Posta Stamps”, and news letters from time to time, detailing new stamp issues and other postal news from the islands.

The website of Posta Stamps,, is published in seven languages, Faroese, English, Danish, French, German, Spanish and since 2012, also Chinese​. Philatelists around the world can access and enjoy the beautiful stamps of the Faroe Islands online.


Posta Newsletter

Updates on releases and the latest from the philatelic world of the Faroe Islands