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Item No. Vørunavn Eind Mynd Prísur v/MVG

World Postcard Day - Post Cards

Postcard with 29KR stamp (international rate) and special postmark 2022.

Issue Date: 10/1/2022
Item No.: WPCD22WOR
Value: 39,00

DKK 39,00


World Postcard Day - Postcard with 29KR stamp (international rate)

World Postcard Day invites the world to send postcards on October 1st, experiencing the joy of sending an unexpected and happy piece of mail to friends, relatives, teachers, those who could use a little support or cheering up or even to strangers.

Posta has issued a special postcard illustrating traditional Faroese knitting patterns. 
It can be purchased both mint or franked and cancelled with a special postmark.
Read more about the World Postcard Day here:
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Christmas baubles 2022 -

DKK 250,00

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