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Stamps and Story GB -

OFFER! The book is an entertaining blend of history and philately.

Issue Date: 4/24/2015
Value: 90,00

DKK 90,00


SPECIAL OFFER! Original price 300,00 DKK, special price 90,00 DKK.


The book is an enlarged and updated edition of ”Stamps and Story of the Faroe Islands” 1996. The book is a thoroughly entertaining blend of history and philately, cleverly spiced with interesting anecdotes.


A book, with illustrations of stamps, covers and other philatelic material on almost every page, has been written by Don Brandt, a well-known author and stamp collector living in Iceland. Whether you are a serious collector of Faroese stamps or just interested in learning more about a tiny nation in the North Atlantic, this book is an absolute must.


The book was published in 2006. It has 360 pages and is available in Danish, English and German.


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