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Item No. Vørunavn Eind Mynd Prísur v/MVG

Christmas Cards 2022 -

Set of three Christmas cards with envelopes

Issue Date: 10/24/2022
Item No.: WJOJ02022
Value: 30,00

DKK 30,00


Christmas cards 2022

Posta Stamps also issues three double Christmas cards with illustrations from the Christmas Seals designed by Faroese artist, Bárður Dal Christiansen. 

The cards are sold with envelopes in sets of three. 

About the Christmas Seals motifs
This year's Christmas Seals are entitled "Jólaleikur_v.22a"  (Christmas Game_v.22a). This is a collage consisting of historical images, drawings and graphics quirkily describing the classic Christmas game.

Bárður is one of our most active artists. He exhibits regularly in the Faroe Islands and around the world. Bárður works mostly with figurative painting, drawing, linoleum cuts and graphics. Bárður also works as an architect and is the founder of the art project "Gøtulist", which among other things works with Street Art, urban art and building decorations.

The profit from the Christmas Seals sale goes to the Faroese Christmas Stamp Fund, which aims to provide support for various initiatives for children and young people in the Faroe Islands.

Christmas Game_v.22a
Time flies by like megabytes in a LAN cable. We are where it seeps from the future into the past. We download culture, knowledge and traditions from the cloud drifting ahead of us, like rapid breakwaters from the digital world and into our abstract, analog world.

Christmas clips, mouse clicks, burnt CDs and almonds tell us that the Holiday Season is approaching and that we are joining via 5G and the fiber-optic network in the Faroe Islands. It is 2022 years since our Saviour was born in the world, and we rejoice in this time of fellowship, swipes, and song.

The star lights up like an 8K screen on the beautiful green Christmas tree and reminds us to be grateful for the past year and rejoice in what the universe has in store.
Bárður Dal Christiansen


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