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Item No. Vørunavn Eind Mynd Prísur v/MVG

Franking Labels 2016 - Set of mint

This year's franking labels depict Faroese music festivals.

Issue Date: 10/3/2016
Item No.: PMA002016
Value: 36,00

DKK 36,00

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About the motif

Faroese music festivals
As far back as Faroese history is recorded, music has played a major part in the nation's culture and tradition of storytelling. The music scene in the Faroes today is buzzing with artists and creators across all genres, delivering world class performances and recordings. These artists, along with excellent musical talent from abroad, provide unforgettable music experiences at the various festivals held in the Faroe Islands every year.


The G! Festival
 “The wild Faroe Islands party that you can’t afford to miss”. – WIRED magazine.

The annual three-day celebration of music is unique. Sure, music festivals are held on islands and beaches around the world. But the G! Festival is something else. Taking over the village of Syðrugøta – population 400 – on the island of Eysturoy, the festival’s stages are built on the beach and the football pitch, right under the windows of houses.

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The Summer Festival
Every year, the Summer Festival attracts the largest crowd compared to any other event in the Faroe Islands. Approximately 10,000 people join in on the three-day music festival held in the centre of Klaksvík.

Popular for its pop-centric style, the Summar Festival caters to a wide audience – from the very young to those in their later years. Some of the world’s most well-known bands, such as Cliff Richard, Scorpions and Westlife, have performed at this family-friendly festival.

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Sørvágs Country & Blues festival
Country & blues music is enormously popular on the Faroe Islands and it has its own festival in the little village of Sørvágur. In true country style, food is grilled over the open fire as people line-dance in between the bales of hay in their finest cowboy clothes and hats.

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Voxbotn is 12 hours non-stop entertainment with pop music to suit every age. It is held in Tórshavn at Vágsbotnur, the capital’s best location. With the concert stage situated downtown between the beautiful old warehouses, cosy cafés and restaurants, it is a foregone conclusion that the 3-4000 people gathered to listen to the popular local and international musicians such as Iron Maiden and Killer Queen, will experience an intense festival atmosphere in the long light summer night.

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