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Item No. Vørunavn Eind Mynd Prísur v/MVG

Stamp Programme 2023

20 February

Franking Labels 2023: Villages in Suðuroy.
Four drawings by Janus Dam Guttesen.

The Faroe Islands during the Cold War - 60 years on Sornfelli.
Mini-sheet with 1 stamp + 1 single stamp. Photos: Jákup Brúsá.

Landscape: Skálhøvdi. 2 stamps, self-adhesive booklet and 2 postcards. Photos: Pól Sundskarð.

Art: Arnold Vegghamar. 2 stamps and 2 posters.
Artworks: Twilight, 1993, and Village, 2007.

9 May

A Hymn for Peace. 1 stamp. Artist: Edward Fuglø.

Europa 2023: Peace - the highest value of humanity.
1 stamp and a self-adhesive booklet. Artists: L. Bos and R. Egilsdottir.

23 June

NFT-stamps: The four seasons. 4 stamps. Artist: Heiðrik á Heygum.


10 August

Stamp No. 1000: The cairn. Mini-sheet with 1 stamp + 1 black print. Artist: Edward Fuglø. Engraving: Martin Mörck.

11 August

Martin Mörck No. 1000. Mini-sheet with 1 stamp + 1 black print. Painting: ”Returning from fishing” by Emil Krause. Engraving: Martin Mörck.

Sepac 2023: Traditional markets. 1 stamp.
Photo: Faroe Islands National Museum / Gjertrud M. Gravesen.

The Huginn mission: Mini-sheet with 1 stamp. Artist: Anker Eli Petersen. Joint issue with Tusass Greenland.

23 October

SALT - Sound Art Live Theatre. Mini-sheet with 2 stamps. Photos: Fotostudio.

White-water lily: 1 stamp. Artist: Astrid Andreasen.

Angels. 2 stamps, self-adhesive booklet and 2 postcards.

Chrismas Seals (15)

Year Pack


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